PayneGroup Product Certified Trainers

The following trainers have been certified to deliver the official PayneGroup products which includes Forms Assistant, Numbering Assistant, Metadata Assistant and Outlook Send Assistant. This two-day class includes both in-depth training on the products as well as best practices training approaches for each of the products. The use of trainers who are knowledgeable about the functionality and operation of PayneGroup products is a key ingredient to user acceptance. We highly recommend PayneGroup certified trainers for your project.

"The class was amazing! There were so many items that were brought up in the class that I was unaware of, options, additional schemes and more. I highly recommend it to internal trainers, first for the luxury of going over the product in detail without being rushed and second, to see all the benefits available within the product that may not have been known to the internal training department due to time constraints to push the product out to all users and get users up and running as quickly as possible. I feel confident now that when users call and present questions on the suite, I will be able to easily answer them and show additional tips and tricks that are available to users. It was well worth the time and money." Mary Allen, IT Trainer at Goodwin Procter LLP