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Redact Assistsant

Redact Assistant is a software program used to black out or hide specific text in Microsoft Word and Excel files in order to obscure part of the file's text for legal, security, or regulatory compliance reasons. The obscuring process is known as redaction. Redact Assistant allows files to remain in their native file format without having to convert to a picture or other file type. Individual files can be redacted within Word or Excel. Redaction can also be performed through standalone mode, where redaction of multiple files are processed. Feel confident that your file is securely protected from exposing sensitive information since redaction is final upon saving the file.

Available as an App or Desktop Software

Desktop software is available by contacting our company or purchasing from our website. 

The app is also available on the Microsoft store site. Click here to see a video on the Microsoft Office page for more information.

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App version for Word in Office 365

Redact Assistant for the App version of Word in Office 365 are available from the Microsoft online store.

App version for Excel in Office 365

Redact Assistant for the App version of Excel in Office 365 available from the Microsoft online store.

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