Our Products at a Glance

PayneGroup offers a number of products designed to automate workflow processes and increase productivity. Our widely recognized "assistants" — Metadata, Numbering, Redact, Outlook Send Assistants all have one thing in common; they are easy to use and offer features you won't find in other products. Our update strategy, where possible, is to have quarterly releases of our software that keep pace with the Microsoft Office.
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Our Metadata and Numbering Assistants are available 'out of the box' — or they can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. Our Forms Assistant (legacy) is tailored to quickly create letters, memos, faxes, agreements and pleadings based on the documents you create day in and day out.
Metadata Assistant

The latest technology in metadata cleaning. Just some of the new features are the 20+ additional files types being processed, including Audio, Video, Picture, Open Document Formats and Open .XML file types. The new single User Interface allows you to choose specific processing types and levels of cleaning for each individual file.

Outlook Send Assistant

The Outlook Send Assistant provides unparalleled functionality within your mail message. From verification of the intended e-mail addresses you are sending to (external recipients, groups, domains) to confirmation that you intend to Reply to All. Other functions include notification that you were a BCC recipient and customizable features that tailor the product for every company and user.

Redact Assistant

This redaction tool quickly searches and removes sensitive content in your documents: Find it, remove it. Redaction can be done on a single file, or in a batch process for multiple files. As an added bonus, a Search/Replace feature allows multi search and replacement of sensitive terms in your document - to include identification numbers (Social Security, driver's license, passport number), formulas, and keywords.

Numbering Assistant

Paragraph numbering utility that allows you to quickly add, modify and update multi-level numbering schemes in your documents. Supports Word 2002 and higher.

Bates Label Assistant Pro

Customized version of this utility that allows you to quickly create single page Bates Labels (Avery 5267), choose from an assortment of numbering styles, create multiple pages of sequential labels and much more.