PayneGroup has four divisions: Forms and Workflow that focus on document automation and production (Forms and Numbering Assistants), a Security Division that includes products such as our award winning Metadata Assistant, Outlook Send Assistant, and the most recent addition, Redact Assistant which identifies and redacts text and formats in Word and Excel – from single files to batch process. Our Services Department that directs Migration Roundtables, Master Series, project management and training, and our Publishing Division that handles all of our books and written materials.

We operate with one simple requirement and that is that our clients have a seamless and successful experience when migrating to new software or upgrading to a new version of a product. Our upgrade stragety, where possible, aligns with Microsoft since we create add-ins and utilities that work with the Microsoft Office suite. Our goal is to have quarterly releases of our non-customized software that keep pace with Microsoft Office updates

PayneGroup Products

  • Redact Assistant - Compatible with the latest Microsoft versions of Word, Excel and Windows, including Surface Pro tablet, this invaluable tool makes it easy to remove sensitive content from a single file or multiple files. Redact Assistant is the solution you've been waiting for to permanently hide confidential information in your documents. Some of the key features include the ability to redact multiple terms in one single process, search and replace multiple terms or formats, create and share lists of terms for specific redaction and search/replace criteria, use Word and Excel's native search options as well as Regular Expression to create your list of terms, process multiple files at once using our standalone component, manually select words for quick redaction using our add-ins, and finally, view and save reports instantly.
  • Numbering Assistant is a paragraph numbering utility that allows you to quickly add, modify and update automatic multi-level numbering schemes in Word documents. The Numbering Assistant uses native Word functionality (heading styles linked to outline numbering) so you can also easily share your numbering schemes with clients and others who may not use the software.
  • Metadata Assistant removes embedded, and often confidential, information from documents. Since being the first metadata cleaner on the market, we've consistently been ahead of the curve in offering the latest technology in document protection. Clean your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and audio/media files out-the-door via email or analyze and clean a whole folder of files in a matter of minutes. Our latest version for Office 2013 and Office 2016 finds more metadata types than ever and will detect .zip files and embedded email messages.
  • Outlook Send Assistant is a desktop application designed to alert users that they may be sending an e-mail to an unintended mail recipient. In addition, Outlook Send Assistant 3 can be configured to place any type of text into the e-mail message, most commonly used for Disclaimer warnings.

PayneGroup Professional Services

  • Master Series: Word for Law Firms Course is a three-day intensive course and is recommended for all firm trainers, help desk staff and document processors whose job is to support, train or produce complex documents in Word. The Master Series is a one-of-a-kind class that will ensure that your staff is well prepared for a rollout to the new version of the software.
  • Migration Roundtable is a two-day, on-site meeting that includes discussion on configuration, conversion, styles, templates and macros, training, support and deployment options. The migration specialist will review your current configuration, demonstrate important new Office features and how they affect legal users, and work with your migration team to determine which configuration options are most beneficial for you firm. You will receive a detailed report outlining the items discussed during the migration meeting. This is a high-level meeting that may include some programming and network discussion.
  • Training, Consulting and Courseware are all part of our day-to-day operations for our clients. We've been involved in many migrations and bring our experience and reputation to the table. We've authored twelve books, so it's fair to say that no one in our industry has the same publishing experience that we do. We have a history of sharing our knowledge with our clients - whether it's in the classroom or through written word.
  • Publishing is something that we started when Donna Payne first contributed with seven chapters in Excel Expert Solutions (Que Books). It continued with the best-selling series, Word for Law Firms (Prima Publishing and Payne Consulting Group publishing) and 13 books more. Our books are available in bookstores and translated into many languages. In addition to books, we have written many articles and white papers for trade publications, newspapers and magazines. We even wrote the original Legal User Guide.