PayneGroup Mission Statement

PayneGroup is a software and professional services company that specializes in solving client problems with workflow processes, and security. We build software tools, built on top of the Microsoft platform, that help people create and work with documents, collaborate and share files securely, and professional services that are designed to transfer knowledge to our customers. Our software is priced for the enterprise, and for individuals where quality does not have to come at a high price. PayneGroup simplifies the document creation process through templates, reusable phrases, integration with content and document management systems, and easy-to-use and customize paragraph numbering. Our team strives to be a good member of the industry eco-system, and to work together, both internally and externally, for the benefit of our clients.

Our Story

PayneGroup started as a sole proprietorship and was founded by Donna Payne in 1994. The company was first called Payne Consulting Group with the first clients being Microsoft, Perkins Coie, and Davis Wright Tremaine. We started as a training company and then expanded to writing custom software. Later, we developed software packages and called them, Assistants. One such product, Metadata Assistant, was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Because of this, our client and user base expanded rapidly which necessitated hiring more software engineers, support staff, and trainers. Our expertise has expanded to government and corporations. We work with all branches of United States Government, international government and the courts. For training, PayneGroup has trained adult professionals around the world. For many years, we have specialized in large-scale software migration training projects at multiple offices simultaneously around the world.

External Values Statement and Core Culture

  • Mission focus and dedication– we’re all highly dedicated to our mission, and we individually are committed to being part of a collaborative, productive environment.
  • Professionalism– while our style as a team might be easy going, our attitude towards our work is extremely professional — we maintain the highest standards of delivery, productivity and effectiveness.
  • Welcome feedback, and offer it responsibly– our colleagues are here to help us get things right, and we require a good amount of steady feedback on things we haven’t got quite right in order to do things with excellence. When we give feedback, we do so constructively and in a mission-focused way.
  • Healthy Work-Life Balance – it is a professional responsibility to maintain a healthy work-life balance, because doing so will ensure that your creativity, drive and motivation stays fresh and energetic over the long term.
  • Highly Collaborative Culture– virtually everything on our team is transparent and open and every team member is able and encouraged to weigh in and contribute.
  • Respect and Kindness– we strive for a culture where there is no pretentiousness, meanness, pettiness or disrespect on our team. We try to be human with each other, to care for each other.
  • Maximum Initiative and Self-Starting Entrepreneurialism– we don’t hire fantastically talented people just to get in their way.
  • Complete Transparency, No Turf – no control freaks.